Mission Statement

The mission of WMHS Alumni Foundation is to encourage a lifelong community of alumni and friends of WMHS to participate actively in programs that increase awareness, pride, volunteer opportunities, and philanthropic commitment to encourage the growth of Wakefield Memorial High School through meaningful programs, benefits, services and communications.

About WMHS Alumni Foundation

elinor freeman

The Wakefield Memorial High School (WMHS) Alumni Foundation Inc was
founded in the summer of 2006 by a group of dedicated alumni who wish to
be involved in a pro-active organization dedicated to the improvement of WMHS.
At the inception, the Alumni Foundation was headed by Elinor Freedman,
former WMHS principal. The primary purpose at the time was the Hall of Fame,
where alumni are recognized for excellence in their field.



Under the leadership of Past President, John Encarnacao, the Wakefield Memorial High School Alumni Foundation, Inc. became both a public nonprofit charity, and a more active civic organization. Today, the Alumni Foundation aims to work with WMHS administration and the Wakefield community to support education and projects that encourage Wakefield students to explore their talents and excel as thinkers, doers, artists, athletes, mentors, leaders, and citizens.

With renewed commitment, the current Officers and Board of Directors, including new WMHSAF President Anita Loughlin, are focused on actions that will build the foundation and assure its long term success. Specific initiatives are growing membership, defining new initiatives, launching a new website and social media campaign, and most importantly, fundraising.

 Current* and Past Board of Directors

Suzanne Burns

William Chetwynd*
Licia Commito*
Jenny Foss Connolly

Wendy Dennis*
Carolyn Dydzulis*

John Encarnacao

Elinor Freedman

Louis Good
Anthony Guardia*

Ann Hadley*
Emily Holmes

Evan Kenney
Christopher King

Lorraine Lackey
Diane Lind
Anita Loughlin*

Stephen Maio, Sr.
Steve Maio*
Lauren Marsh
Michael Martello
Barren Maule
Phil McCarty
Brian McGrail
Tom Merchant
Richard Metropolis*
Kate Morgan*

Jeanann Nigro
Joseph Neale

Kevin Piskadlo
Debra Pond*

Peter Scott
Kimberly Smith
Tanya Stepasiuk
Jeanne Stinson*
Richard Stinson*
Emily Strong

Michael Warchol*