KimWakefield Memorial High School has a robust tradition of alumni who have
shaped successful lives and careers beyond graduation and often proudly return to reconnect with their school community as the touchstone of their growth and achievement.  Our Alumni Foundation boasts a Hall of Fame recognizing the extraordinary contributions and accomplishments of graduates in a range of fields, including Business, Science, Education, the Arts, Military Service, Community Service, and Government.  With the support of our alumni we inspire generations of students to share their talents with the world and continue to give back to WMHS.  I am a Superintendent and former WMHS principal who is profoundly honored to represent this institution of great love and learning, as well as our vibrant Alumni Foundation.

–        Kimberly J. Smith, Ed.D.  – Superintendent of Wakefield Schools

PrincipalA school that is supported by its community will provide only the best to its students.  I’m honored to be working in a school whose Alumni and community alike are working towards its success.  As principal, I am thankful to the Wakefield Memorial High School Alumni Foundation for its ongoing support and collaboration.

– Richard G. Metropolis – WMHS Principal


Anita I joined the WMHS Alumni Foundation in 2013, because I valued the education that I received at Wakefield High School.  There are many challenges to a school system to provide a quality education to all students.  Such a challenge invites former alumni, like me, who value education, to try to help.  Life gives us all the opportunity to give back.  Your fellow classmates, teachers and friends, who are WMHSAF officers or board members are committed to building the Alumni Foundation and make a real difference for WMHS students..

– Anita M. Loughlin, PhD (class of 1980) – WMHSAF President and Inductee into the Alumni Hall of Fame